Date Sunday, March 21, 2010 | Comments

Results are out! Well I think I did moderately?
my primary target of 3.5 didn't achieved,
but my secondary target of maintaining my cumulative gpa
remains the same. So kinda have mixed feelings about it. :( :)
But well, left 1 more semester to study, I'll try my best
to make my cumulative to 3.5, but its not going to be easy for sure.
I'll definitely do what I can. ;)

Went to eat selegie road's tau huey a few days ago! hahaha the texture
of the tauhuey was good! :]]] gonna eat that again! hahaha. The pics below
will sure make you *drool*! hahaha. :]]]

Well tonight is the BIG match yet again between 2 ENGLISH GIANTS,
Manchester United versus Liverpool, this time is at Old Trafford,
and last year Liverpool had a great match over there! ^^
So today's match may not be a repeat of last season's, but I do
hope we can get a positive result from it. A draw would be nice,
but a win would definitely be an icing on a very beautiful cake! ^^


4 more days till release of results!

Date Monday, March 15, 2010 | Comments

Hey everyone! have not been updating quite frequently, pardon me! :P
Well results will be released on the 19th!
cant wait! But I just hope that my

cumulative gpa remains around the same uh,
I would be happy with that. :]]]

Last saturday! met up with eugene,
yongshuang, linmin and huplian for dinner!

it is sort of a belated birthday celebration for linmin & me uh,
hahaha. Thanks for the
present too!! :]]]]] After dinner, we headed
to marina barrage. We were lucky to see lots of people
flying lighted kites on the grass field!! It was really beautiful to see. :]]]
hehe lucky I had dad's car

with me, :]]]] chilled around marina barrage till about
12am+ and sent all of them home after that. ;)

Went to IT Show the next day. Sis wanted to buy her
new camera, while I'm searching for

a new router and a new hard disk. At the end of the day,
we've bought what we wanted! :]]]]

Now the new router is working, and its pretty
awesome and FAST! :]]]

Anyway, enjoy your holidays everyone! to my poly frens especially!
p.s to those who're having internship! hang in there and jiayou!! :]]]
I can't wait for friday to come!! ^^ :]]]]

@ NYNY's
@ marina barrage~


20th birthday!! :]]]]]]]]

Date Friday, March 05, 2010 | Comments

Happy 20th belated birthday to ben! and also my actual day on 4th!

Had BBQ @ Brenda's place yesterday night, started BBQ at around
9pm? lol, so eat and play until 1am+. Poor ben, suay to the max,
kena bird shit when buying bbq food, kena scammed by his first
2 "fake"presents, haha tough uh! hahaha! :P
Went home after that, and woke up at 12pm! lol:P
and I didn't expect rachel, royston, charlie and madeline to come
my house at that time! got chuatio uh, with my cui look cuz just woke
up, hahaha, look like small boy hor? :P
But anyways!! xiexie ni men!! :D
Hoping for a better year & may my wish(es) come true! :D:P

ME & BEN! :D
Oh no, we're 20 le! :( :P!


holidays are here once again! =]]]]]]]

Date Monday, March 01, 2010 | Comments

YES!!! Holidays! woots!
having the feeling of no exams and projects in my head,
is really, phew.. felt so RELAX & FREE~ :D
Anyways! this coming week gonna prepare for trial camp
for the year 1s! and before that, gosh coming thursday is my 20th
birthday, can't believe 1/5 of my life has just flew by~~ LOL:P

Yesterday! puvin and frens came over to my place to bainian!
ppl who came were jerrold, jiahui, charlie, puvin, weilian, royston,
rachel, cheryl, olivia, shanty and alan!
gambling~ mahjong & blackjack, and some of us who didn
gamble played monopoly instead! hehehe cashless monopoly!^^
& puvin went bankrupt! hahaha:P
but well, really enjoyed you guys coming! :D:D

Well, some of my clique frens will be starting their internship tmr,
so wish them all the best!! a little kinda sad for them as their holidays
are 'gone'! -.- well its gonna be my turn coming september! :P
Alrights, sleeping time for me soon, updating soon! ciaos! :D


IPT on FRI! Cant wait! :D:P

Date Wednesday, February 24, 2010 | Comments

Hey blogging world!! wahh I realised quite awhile never update le eh!
paiseh!! well I'll just update my life for recent activities. ;)
Went to Bangkok during first 3 days of Chinese New Year,
dun really have the mood because of CMA paper falling
on that week too, ZZZ but well, now left my last paper on friday!
programming! dang! I tried to upload some pics from bangkok de onto
blogger, keep getting error! zzz -.- nvm I'll post it on my fb instead.

This CNY, the amount collected from hongbaos, is better than
last year uh! though with lesser visits, but more $$! ^^ well I
guessed the recession is soon to be over or over already uh!
hahaha! well holidays are coming soon, haven really plan wat to do yet!
lol! haha well I can't wait for friday to come! jiayou to the rest of my BIT frens! :D


All projects done! =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Date Wednesday, February 10, 2010 | Comments

Hi everyone!! have been away from the blogging world for a while,
chiong-ing of projects these past 2 weeks! -.- well all is finally
done! :D just started revision , come to think of it, going bangkok
during cny's first 3 days, can't really study much. So gonna prepare
all my notes and go there revise if I can! this sem's final papers,
will be on 19th, 22nd, 23rd and 26th respectively. 4 papers! gosh.. -.-
I hope I can cope through this period! Jiayous everyone!! :D:D
Anyways... ... ... Happy Valentine's day and
Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone in advance!!! :D

a sudden weird pic taken by yeecheng! :P!


submitting 2 projs this week!

Date Sunday, January 24, 2010 | Comments

Hey everyone!! had a busy time recently..
besides doing community service work for the past 2 saturdays, :D
also, preparing for ITLG exhibition this coming week!
and also submitting IPT programming proj this coming
week too. Sincerely wanna thank Charlie for doing most of
IPT, because me and Royston didn really help much. Thanks
a lot bro!! really appreciate your effort. :D No worries, Royston
and I will do more for BSD. ;)

Recently we've been busy, but well thinking of submitting this 2 projs
this week, will really lighten our load, and we can spend more time on revision
for final exam and also our last proj, BSD.

Had a bad sore throat recently, I think never really took care of myself
due to the busy schedule, so gonna rest well this weekend and prepare myself
for the coming week. Cant wait for ITLG exhibition! It will be held at Ourspace @ 72!
Its this coming Wednesday to Friday. But tmr till Tuesday,
we'll be arranging the tables and chairs, plus the booths setup etc
will be done by us as we're the organizing committee for this exhibition! excited! ;):D
So take care everyone! If you're free do come down and visit our exhibition this week! :D


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